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I have been depending on Brian and Coleman Marine Systems for marine electronics and service on my fleet of boats in Alaska for over 20 years. I have not found a more knowledgable, hard working, and fair marine technician or place to buy marine electronics. The installation and the latest updates are always done on time, on or below budget and completed to the very high standard that I need to operate in remote Alaskan waters.

Andy Mezirow - Owner, Grey Light Fisheries LLC

Anchorage, AK

What I found particularly helpful when engaging Coleman Marine is Brian’s full service approach during and after installation of our new electronics. First, a full hands-on session with my wife and me on all the workings of the new equipment, troubleshooting on detailed settings and sync’ing up the existing systems after the install. Generally a consistent service mentality I found quite refreshing, especially given the inconsistencies typical with other vendors many boat owners have grown accustomed to experiencing in the marine trades.

Cary Badger

Kirkland, WA

Well, you know the drill all too well; you need help and advice and you get so many mixed signals. When you make a decision the service provider never shows or reschedules you because they were overbooked or wanted a vacation day. This is the way it is for most of us shopping the marine industry and trying to get it right for our boats.

I met Brian Coleman of Coleman Marine at the Seattle Boat Show; Brian was recommended by the Raymarine technician so I stopped by to have a discussion with Brian about the upgrades to my Beneteau 411 Sailboat. The boat electronic package was original and my chart plotter no longer functioned so I had some old electronics that I needed to upgrade. After a long discussion with Brian I came to understand that he knew his trade and his long background in boating and electronics showed.

I decided to give Brian a try with a very complicated upgrade on my boat. I decided to go with a new Raymarine touch screen chart plotter, HD radar, a new autopilot head and new AIS transceiver. Now the task was to figuring out how to mount these items and get the chart plotter in a good helm location. With Brian’s help we found a pod for the chart plotter and then Brian assisted me in designing and manufacturing a custom grab rail to go around the pod at the helm station. Brian had the contacts and resources to make this come together seamlessly. On the day of installation Brian was on time to my remote location in Poulsbo and he brought along an assistant to help get the job done in one day. The two of them tackled the installation with insight, intellect and experience. I was amazed how they could run wires in places I would never be able to access. After the end of the day we were up and running and Brian gave me a hands on tutorial of all of my systems. Imagine, radar, chart plotter, autopilot and AIS all in one day while adapting to the existing systems on the boat.


Since the installation I have had no issues, but when I have a question regarding operation of my Raymarine products Brian is a phone call away and is happy and eager to assist in clarifying operation of the systems. So if you are considering any upgrades or getting a new boat I would recommend Brian Coleman for the job, you will not be disappointed.

Tim McMahon

Seattle, WA

I've had Brian on board several times to work with me on setting up new electronics for my boat, each time I've worked with him he's gone above and beyond. I have a 1981 55 foot OA that has seen several iterations in wiring/electronics since the boat was first launched in Greece. All of that adding to the complexity of the job, (where does this wire run?). One of the things I've learned about Brian is that he will recommend what's in your best interest not his.  I would highly recommend Brian to anyone including my closest friends!  

Thank you 
Kevin and Bonnie Nasr
MV Ocean Dream

Kevin & Bonnie Nasr

Seattle, WA

We needed help installing a Coastal Marine antenna to improve our WiFi signal. Brian Coleman is the Man for all things electrical. He came in and wired the system for us. Always there for trouble shooting, advise on the latest navigational equipment and a wealth of boat knowledge. If he can't fix it, he knows who can.  

Jeanne Thomas

Seattle, WA

I am thrilled with what you did for us, could have saved a couple bucks online but the service/training you gave us was priceless and I appreciated your patience with me on that damn stereo.

Marshall Bennett

Seattle, WA

Speaking as a person who does not understand electronics, it has been great discovering Brian and the services he provides. I can think of three instances that have made me a loyal customer:


  1.  I was in the market for a new GPS System and Brian gave me a quotation that was $2,000 less than the other vendor that bid on the job using the exact same equipment.

  2. I came down to the boat one day and found quite a bit of water in the bilge due to a bad fitting. Several pumps and motors were underwater and he jumped in and fixed everything at a very reasonable price.

  3. The day before leaving to Canada for a three week trip I had a charger get stuck on full charge which burned up my batteries. Again, he fixed everything at a fair price and we were off on vacation the very next day.


I highly suggest you contact Brian for both big and small jobs. Minimally, if he does not he is the right person for the job at hand, he will certainly let you know and head you in the right direction.

Mike Marquand

Seattle, WA

What a treasure I have found in Mr Coleman. He is a rare gem in boat equipment sales that i have found who knows the functionality on the user side of the equipment and the gritty backside of the install side. Until I found Brian, those two people were always separated by a space for me to waste my precious boating dollars. Brian has been a wealth of information in rolling my electronics from past to current in a very cost effective way.  He truly understand what customer service is and delivers more that i had even hoped for.


Mr. Coleman has solved a lot of my electronics problems for me over that past couple of years and I would not consider spending many equipment dollars without him.  I really feel like he acts as a consultant that has a installer background and my best interests in mind. Rare combination to find but in today's marketplace, with so many ways to solve that same problem, good luck finding the best way without a guy like Brian on your side.

Jason Sandmaier

Seattle, WA

We rely on Brian to provide us with the products and technical support to service our clients in a timely manner. Our business strives to keep customers on the water boating, not tied to a dock. Engaged boaters are good for business and we value having a partner in Coleman Marine that works with us to achieve that goal.

Jim Brown - Monkey Fist Marine

Seattle, WA

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